Testimonials found on this website are actual client reviews and/or professional colleague reviews of Bland Richter, LLP, as indicated.

Your communication being as prompt and as personal as it has been has not gone unnoticed and unappreciated.
I wasn’t sure how our interactions were going to go, but I feel like you both listen well, and you care. I wasn’t sure those were two attributes I was going to get from a lawyer (being that we are a relatively new practice), but maybe that’s what makes you so successful.

Joanna Silver Dover, D.M.D.Columbia, South Carolina

I was impressed with Eric and his law firm. They read and understood all of the relevant documents and were up on general construction practices. That’s rare for attorneys in this industry.

Robert Woodrow, Clean Aire, Inc.HVAC and Air Quality Control Expert, Columbia, South Carolina

You and Ronnie make a great team and complement each other well.

Sims Rentz, M.D.Former Client

Thank you for your efforts. I’ve been impressed with the way that Ronnie and you gave me both your legal and personal assessments regarding my case.

Marc GoldenbergDDS